The Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department of FAO, in collaboration with Embrapa, IFAD and IICA, will co-organize an international consultation on the theme: Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems for Development: The Way Forward for Production Intensification.

The consultation process will operate largely through an electronic exchange by experts during February 2010 followed by a smaller workshop in Sete Lagoas, Minas Geráis, Brazil, from 23-26 March 2010. A Background Note on the Consultation is attached for your information.

The technical discussions will focus on the following four topics across a range of types (on-farm or area-wide) and scales of crop-livestock integration (braodly defined to include trees and pastures) in different agroecologies in the developing regions:

1.  Promising integrated crop-livestock systems and innovations that merit mainstreaming and scaling, and the tactics for implementation.

2.  Input and output market linkage development for promising crop-livestock systems and associated input and output supply chain  processes and public-private service providers for different production systems and diverse markets.

3.  Political will, and policy and institutional support for the adoption and enabling the spread of innovations and practices associated with promising crop-livestock systems for food and nutritional security.

4.  Research needed to generate knowledge and innovative practices to underpin farmer adoption and scaling of promising crop-livestock systems for sustainable production intensification.

The above four topics will be offered for discussion to a diverse group of stakeholders during the month of February 2010 through an electronic consultation process. The output from the electronic consultation will form an input into the workshop process in March in Brazil.

We would be most grateful if you would kindly inform your collaborators and colleagues of the above planned electronic consultation and workshop, and provide us with names and contact details (institutional affiliation, position, e-mail, telephone and fax) of those people who you feel should be invited to participate in the electronic consultation in February 2010 and possibly the smaller workshop in March 2010.

With best regards.

Eric Kueneman, Theo Friedrich and Amir Kassam

FAO-AGP, Rome, Italy

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