The Systemwide Livestock Programme (SLP) of the CGIAR was a consortium of 12 international agricultural research centres (see Partners) and the organisations that collaborate with them.

It aimed to contribute to the CGIAR’s goal of alleviating poverty in the developing world and protecting natural resources in order to achieve sustainable food security by:

  • Building and strengthening links between the crop-, agroforestry-, natural resource-, policy- and livestock-oriented CGIAR centres and programs, their partners and other stakeholders, to develop integrated and coherent strategic and applied research on livestock feed development and related natural resource management and policies.
  • Influencing the use of CGIAR resources invested in its centres and programs so as to enhance the conduct of development-oriented livestock research.


Our history

In 1994 the CGIAR established a set of ecoregional and systemwide initiatives to promote greater effectiveness through inter-centre collaboration. The Systemwide Livestock Initiative (SLI) evolved into the current SLP, which was established in 1995. Following its establishment, the SLP was a key factor in determining global livestock research priorities for the CGIAR. The implementation of the first set of research projects funded through the Programme was initiated in 1998. The Programme ended in 2012 when the CGIAR introduced a new series of CGIAR research programs (or CRPs).