The SLP is all about synergies. A primary source of synergy is the cross-fertilisation of ideas and skills from scientists and staff from the 12 CGIAR centres members of the SLP and their partners. About 40 people from these centres have been or are associated with the Programme. Only the Programme Co-ordinator and the Program Assistant are employed by the SLP. All other people work with the Programme while being affiliated to their CGIAR centres. Collaborators from other institutions are identified in the Project Summaries in the section on Research.

SLP Coordination Office

Shirley Tarawali (Theme Director of People, Livestock and the Environment, ILRI, Ethiopia) Oversight of SLP Coordination and Administration

Diego Valbuena Day to day management of the current SLP regional projects.

Alan Duncan (Livestock Scientist, People, Livestock and the Environment, ILRI, Ethiopia) Backstopping management of SLP regional projects

Wubalem Dejene Assistant to the Program Coordinator

ILRI people who support the SLP

In its role as the convening centre ILRI supports the SLP in several ways. This support is given while maintaining the primacy of the centre members.

The Board of Trustees of ILRI has overall responsibility for the Programme.

Carlos Sere, ILRI’s Director General, represents the SLP in its relationships with CGIAR members. He also serves as a conduit for submission for funding all research proposals prepared under the Programme.

John McDermott, ILRI’s Deputy Director General, chairs the Livestock Programme Group (LPG), the inter-centre group that steers the SLP. He also serves as ILRI’s representative on the LPG.

Hank Fitzhugh (former Director General of ILRI), Hugo Li Pun (former Director of ILRI Sustainable Productions Systems Programme) and James W. Smith (former ILRI scientist, Team Leader and SLP Co-ordinator) led the development and implementation of the SLP since its inception until December 2002.

In 2003 Salvador Fernandez-Rivera succeeded Dr. Smith as the SLP Coordinator. He served the programme until September 2007, refining its strategy and strengthening its contribution to the CGIAR’s overall programme. After a critical interim period perform by William Thorpe until September 2008, Bruno Gérard became SLP coordinator. He led the programme until end August 2011, bringing together different institutes and expertise and moving this joint CGIAR agenda forward.


Web development team and Peter Ballantyne
Bekelu Shiferaw (Accounting Officer)
Tibebegebriel Wogayehu (Computer Services)

Livestock Programme Group (LPG): The group that steers the programme

Clare Narrod (IFPRI)
Steven Franzel (WAC/ICRAF)
Dennis Friesen (CIMMYT)
Said Silim (ICRISAT)
Asamoah Larbi (ICARDA)
Michael Peters (CIAT)
Charles Crissman (CIP)
John McDermott – Chair (ILRI)
Shirley Tarawali (ILRI)
Deborah A. Bossio (IWMI)
Paula Bramel (IITA)
Jagadish Timsina (IRRI)
Marie-Noelle Ndjiondjop (WARDA)
Bruno Gerard – Secretariat (SLP/ILRI)

Principal Investigators: Scientists who currently lead projects

Meera Bhatia (CIMMYT)
Sabine Homann (ICRISAT)
Alan Duncan (ILRI)
Tahirou Abdoulaye (IITA)

Principal Investigators: Scientists who have led completed projects

Idupulapati M. Rao (CIAT)
Carlos Leon Velarde (CIP)
Augustine A. Ayantunde (ILRI)
Ranajit Bandyopadhyay (IITA)
Steven Franzel (ICRAF)
Federico Holmann (CIAT)
Patti Kristjanson (ILRI)
Asamoah Larbi (ICARDA)
Parthasarathy Rao (ICRISAT)
Bir B. Singh (IITA)
Shirley Tarawali (ILRI)
Philip Thornton (ILRI)
William Thorpe (ILRI
Isabelle Baltenweck (ILRI)
Peter Bezkorowajnyj (ILRI-IN)
Chris Delgado (IFPRI/ILRI)
Jean Hanson (ILRI)
Roberto Quiroz (CIP)
Mercedita Sombilla (IRRI)
Steve Staal (ILRI)
Michael Blummel (ILRI-IN)
Ali Abd El-Moneim (ICARDA)
Keith Fuglie (CIFOR)
Mario Herrero (ILRI)
Fred Rattunde (ICRISAT)
Kul B. Saxena (ICRISAT-IN)
Frits Penning de Vries (IWMI-SA)
Olaf Erenstein (CIMMYT)