The importance and consequences of animal feed and feeding has largely been under-estimated and under-valued by donors, development agencies and policy makers alike. To rectify this, FAO is in the process of forming a network for all those with an interest in animal feeds and feeding. The objective is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information. It is envisaged that the network will function through the FAO Feed Portal which will be operational in the coming months, and  will provide a platform for debate on a wide range of  animal nutrition related issues, for example: research and development in developing countries, challenges and opportunities in meeting the demand for feeds; the  importance of animal nutrition in increasing livestock productivity and  mitigating greenhouse gases and pollutants from livestock systems, and preparing adequate responses to ongoing global warming.

The long term goal is to launch a Global Feed Initiative and it is hoped that discussions through this network will pave the way for achieving this.

Those working primarily on animal feeds and feeding are invited to join the network by providing the following information to Harinder Makkar (

FAO,  Animal Production Officer (Animal Nutrition).

  1. Name (essential):
  2. Email (essential):
  1. Contact details (optional) including postal address, telephone and fax numbers, website.
  2. Primary area of interest/expertise  (please do not list more than three areas) (essential)
  3. CV and List of Publications in the last 5 years (optional)
  4. Are you:

a) willing to have your details listed publically on the FAO Feed Portal, or

b) would you prefer they remain restricted to FAO.

If interested please  provide the above information by the end of April . Please feel free to pass this invitation onto other colleagues who you believe may wish to join the Network.